No more content chaos

organize  activities


Tired of looking for content in various repositories and systems? And either never finding exactly the right activity, or spending too much time
finding it.

Support your whole business

Easy activity management is a must for business efficiency.


However, it's not enough to settle for improving the way you store and find all kind of activities. Activity Folders boosts office productivity in a unique way. Automate  activity filling to ensure you can quickly find the activity you need.

easy to use

What to look for in a solution


With the same look and feel and functionality of the Windows Explorer and Outlook folders you will be working with Activity Folders in a breeze.


high user adoption

The biggest challenge of deploying a new system is getting everyone to use it. With Activity Folders, user adoption is never a problem because it conforms to how you work. Manage content and processes without having to crack a user manual. It's intuitive, accessible directly in SuperOffice and it just works.

activity folders eliminates information silos and breaks down the barriers between your employees and their information

Structured data and unstructured content is freed from the confines of long activity lists.

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